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$130 Dump Truck (10 Yards)

$190 End Dump (18 Yards)

Elk Grove, CA

$130 Dump Truck (10 Yards)

Fair Oaks, CA

$190 End Dump (18 Yards)

Rockwall, TX

If you are located within 10 miles from Rockwall $80 Dump Truck (10 Yards) $125 End Dump (18 Wheeler) 18 Yards

Dickinson, TX

If you are located within 10 miles from Dickinson- $80 Super Dump (14 Yards)

Coppell, TX

If you are located within 10 miles from Coppell- $80 Dump Truck (10 Yards) $125 End Dump (18 Wheeler) 18 Yards



Welcome to, your one stop shop for affordable dirt delivery throughout the nation. Having spent years in dirt industry, we have seen first hand how hard it is for people to get trustworthy and reliable service. takes pride in providing our customers with consistent top quality products and services. All while keeping our customers checkbook in mind.Not only do we provide our customers the best pricing in town, we have undeniably the best customer support in our industry. Call, text or email us day-in and day-out, a representative will be there to answer any questions that you may have. Contact us now and let one of our representatives preform a complementary aerial survey. Our representatives are trained in latest software and will able map out your project in minutes. is proud to bring the dirt industry into the 21st century with a upcoming app.

Despite being a relatively new idea,’s roots run deep in the dirt industry. We trace our roots back to a much more humble beginning. What initially started out as a one man trucking operation based out of Houston,Texas has now grown into a network of thousands of trucks and dirt suppliers nationwide. We like to stay strong to our Texan roots and boots. Our headquarters is still located in Sacramento, California

Services we provide:

Fill Dirt Delivery
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Aerial Area Measurement
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Superior Customer Satisfaction
Soil Removal
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Step 1: Identify Your Project

This can often be one of the hardest steps, envisioning your final product. Being able to clearly define your project and we will ensure you are satisfied with the result. For example, some of our clients are interested in fill dirt to fill an old swimming pool. We often tell our clients they need to envision the post completion. Fill dirt is can range from dull grey to sometimes tan in color and can be difficult to flatten without the use of heavy equipment. Perhaps you are looking to replant grass over the site. If so we often tell clients they might want to consider placing a laying a layer of bank sand over the fill to provide a cushion of soft dirt for their grass sod. The final result is a perfectly leveled yard that any homeowner would be proud of.

Step 2: Measure & Record Dimensions

Time to bring out that measuring tape. We suggest you sketch a rough diagram of your project, especially if your project is an irregular shape. First measure and record the length and width of your project. Then measure or estimate the required depth of soil for your project, physically doing this will help you better envision your project. With this information you can now calculate how many cubic feet of fill dirt or topsoil you may need. If math was never your strongest subject, Dirt Loco offers a free online calculator just click here. Dirt Loco also offers superior customer support, feel free to contact us with any questions or any concerns. If you just are not quite sure of yourself ask about our Aerial Area Measurement System(AAMS). With this software we can accurately measure areas of all shapes and sizes. With just an address and a brief description of what you want. One of our techs will construct and aerial area map for you to review before you order.

Step 3: Finding Dirt

Finding dirt can also be a difficult process. Your local home improvement stores don’t usually carry bulk orders of dirt and if they do can be expensive. Other local suppliers can be difficult to work with and seemingly unmotivated to help you. Save your time and money. Affordable dirt delivered is now just a simple click away. With hundreds of dirt hubs nationwide, Dirt Loco has revolutionized dirt delivery and has cleaned up a dirt filled industry. Let us help you get started with your next landscaping project.